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Online. Clicks May Not Be The Only Way.

Focusing only on clickthrough rates in your online media plan? Maybe you want to look at the possibilities of display ads. ComScore recently released an interesting White Paper titled How Online Advertising Works: Whither The Click. By examining 139 online display ad campaigns conducted across a variety of industries, including Retail & Apparel, Travel, CPG & Restaurant, Finance, Automotive, Consumer Electronics & Software and Media & Entertainment, ComScore has confirmed substantial effects. It’s clear that display advertising, despite a lack of clicks, can have a significant positive impact on: Visitation to the advertiser’s Web site (lift of at least 46% over a four week period). The likelihood of consumers conducting a search query using the advertiser’s branded terms (a lift of at least 38% over a four week period). Consumers’ likelihood of buying the advertised brand online (an average 27% lift in online sales). Consumers’ likelihood of buying at the advertiser’s retail store (an average lift of 17%). Andrew Frank, Gartner analyst, who does a review of the ComScore paper here asks agencies and marketers to move beyond the click fixation.


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