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Publishers Helping Create Ads.

This is not something totally new, but we could see a lot more of it in 09, where marketers and publishers get together to create ads. As New York Times reports, LG is tying up with Condé Nast to create a series of celebrity endorsed print ads. See the first one here. Now agencies may scoff at the idea and the creative, but the important thing to note here is that magazines have easy access to just about any celebrity in the world, and they maybe able to access them at rates that many agencies and marketers will never be able to. And as Ed Cotton, writing on Influx Insights notes: In 2009 and beyond, it’s not about borders and boundaries, but good ideas that can appear anywhere and be created by anyone. The trouble is much of our business still lives in the past, a past that’s defined by old rules and old paradigms of creativity. It’s clear that in the coming 18-24 months, those with an inability to grasp the new model and seize the myriad opportunities that now exist will simply be left behind. Read the story in The Times.


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