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Is Advertising Worth Saving?

Carl Long, writing on the Future Lab blog thinks that 2009 will be a defining year for advertising. Like many other industries, he writes, battling through a downturn, advertising in many parts of the world seems to be caught in this perfect storm. A combination of the economic downturn combined the massive shift in how people, formerly known as consumers, interact with and experience media, is going to put enormous pressure the industry. He likens the problems that the industry is facing to the one that changed the face of the music business. And unlike the music industry that is seeing its change coming from outside the business, he thinks advertising will be reinvented from within. By agencies and creative people getting back to the job of inspiring people, inspiring them to be part of something bigger, helping them understand how they can participate in increasingly valuable ways with companies and organisations. By going beyond mediums like print, TV or the web, concentrating on what they are doing, not how they are doing it.
More from Future Lab.


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