Alternative marketing thinking


Rethinking Business For The 21st Century

Umair Haque provokes as usual, with a stream of ideas on how the world needs to look at business in the 21st century. In his smart growth manifesto he writes “Where dumb growth is unsustainable, unfair, and brittle, smart growth is sustainable, equitable, and resilient.” His four pillars of the smart economy, Outcomes, not income, where we don’t look at profit as the only benchmark of success, but at people and the quality of life, how much better or worse off they are. Connections not transactions. Where rather than volume of transactions, if we were to look at the quality of these transactions, and who some of them are more valuable than others. Smart growth, he says, seeks to amplify connection and community — because the goal isn’t just to trade, but to co-create and collaborate. People not product. Umair has always talked about people being at the centre of everything good. He takes this forward with this thought “Globalization driven by McJobs deskilling the world, versus globalization driven by entrepreneurship, venture economies, and radical innovation.” Creativity not productivity. Here he says that because creativity has been hard to measure, economists switched to measuring productivity, and got it all wrong. Smart growth focuses on economic creativity – because creativity is what lets us know that competition is creating new value, instead of just shifting old value around. Read more here. Also an older post from Russell Davies on why we need more ideas and less stuff.


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