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Ranting About Packaging Design

If you have anything to do with design and branding, you must be worshipping at the altar of The Dieline blog. While this is the place for showcasing anything good in packaging, recently Ted Mininni of Design Force Inc had this long post on the state of packaging design and why many brands fail to stand out on retail shelves. According to research conducted by Perception Research Services International, says Mininni, shoppers ignore over one third of store brands also, due to shelf clutter and lack of recognition. Can you, while scanning hundreds of items on an asile, pick out a few that are instantly recognizable from that vantage point? Now, ask yourself what it is about specific products that make them quickly identifiable from the myriad other products in the retail environment. There has to be something unique about the packaging of those products that makes them stand outs. Color? Brand mark? Packaging shape? Photographic imagery or graphics? All of these factors? In true Dieline style, Mininni showcases some examples of what are good examples of packaging design. Bawls energy drink, Coke Zero, Bird’s Eye pasta, Gain joyful expressions, Herbal Essences.


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