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Social Lending With Pertuity Direct

High rates. Low returns. Shouldn’t it be the other way asks the headline as it invites people to a smarter way to do mutually responsible banking? No wonder The Bankwatch recommends Pertuity and their slightly differentiated model. In an era where banks and financial institutions are busy rebuilding their credentials, here is an idea that is poised to take lending and borrowing to the next level. We have written about many social lending initiatives in this newsletter before and Pertuity joins this impressive list. Social lending, for those who came late to the party, works around the belief that people (read young tech savvy people) with money lending to people who need money is the best way. Cut out the middle men, cut out high fees and rates and everyone can live happily ever after. More on Pertuity, here and their take on Social Banking here.


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One thought on “Social Lending With Pertuity Direct

  1. Just to be clear I am recommending social lending as an alternative, and Pertuity is a fresh approach to that model. Anything that re-engineers the old model, and eliminates middlemen with a better alternative is a good thing in my book.
    Thanks for the link.

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