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pepsi does invertising

One of the things we at iContract do is help companies market their thinking internally. So stories like these just add to this belief. Why marketers need to sell their messages to people within the company, before it is taken out to the world. According to AdWeek magazine the Pepsi campaign heralding the new logo was first launched within the company. A week before the world at large would be introduced to the company’s new logo and optimistic attitude an in-your-face word play campaign rolled out within the company. "Howdy", "Hope", "Tango" and just "Yo." Pepsi’s new circular logo stood in place of every "o" in the words. According to the story subtlety played no part in the proceedings. Hall posters, floor and elevator decals and other placards made it impossible for anyone at headquarters to miss the brand’s new look and message. The push culminated with "Rally Day" on Jan. 15. Pepsi execs gathered up to 4,000 employees, in person and online, and laid out the brand’s strategy for the coming year. An invertising campaign ensured, according to Bill Wyman, senior marketing manager for trademark Pepsi. "If we were going to be successful in the marketplace, we were going to have to live and breathe the Pepsi brand with all of our employees," Wyman says. "We set out to find every opportunity to communicate what we are doing, and why and how we are doing it.
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