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Personal bailout plans

Think of new ideas in a recession, someone wise once said. And here are some good bits of advice for Americans overburdened with mortgages and down payments. If you’re saddled with a high-rate loan on an expensive car, you may be able to improve your cash flow by buying another car, though that sounds suspiciously shopaholic.The new stimulus plan offers a refund of sales taxes paid for new cars. So sell the guzzler, use the tax to buy a smaller, fuel-efficient car, and do it at a dealer that will give you a zero percent interest rate. Student loans offer the most opportunities for debt abatement. This year’s seniors should wait until July, when rates are projected to fall. Graduates who’ve been out of school long enough to despair about their starter salaries can renegotiate the length of their loans with their current lenders. Credit card balances remain the biggest headache for most consumers, and they are hard to kill. One new Web site, tells borrowers how much to pay on all of their bills, month by month, so they can burn their balances as quickly as possible. More in Newsweek


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