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Idea Of The Idea.

Wonderful post on JWT’s The Good Stuff blog (yes folks, Ty and his team are reviving Craig’s original blog) on the concept of an idea. Posted by Graham Wood Creative Director of design at JWT NY. He tries to give body to the concept of the idea. ‘The idea’ is something a bit soft, a bit more open, something inherent in actions, in passion, in sensation, in losing, in desperation, in experience, in understanding, in this now, in ‘this is this’, in succumbing, in not being sure, in the beginning and the ending, in dreams . . . in casting doubt aside. He goes on… An idea here is sort of, perhaps, almost anything-and the key here is to not pre-determine, to (almost) completely discard preference, presumption and assumption and allow the process of working to determine the outcome. “The idea” is something that is the heart of the reason that so many people do what they do, but it is something that exists just out of reach, fleeting and elusive. It is the reason we sing, write, make films, tell stories, live and breathe and find the common ground between each other; and this reason is entirely and specifically because the ‘idea’ is multi-faceted, fluid—it can be an opinion, a principle, a method, a notion, a motif, a theme, a fancy, a conception, a flowering, a surety, an energy, a fuel, a memory, a medium. Endorsed by an agency like JWT, that in many ways created many of the formats for brand building, branding ideas and creative ideas, Wood’s thinking brings in some fresh air. Agree or disagree? Hop over to The Good Stuff and leave your thoughts…


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