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Status Update Anxiety

A new kind of ailment is being tracked by psychologists and physicians, according to Psychologies UK Magazine. NewsFeed disorder. For those of us who are high ‘self-monitors’, with a greater level of self-consciousness and preoccupation with the social appropriateness of our actions (Take at look at the work of graphic artist Nicolas Feltron who calls himself a self annotator) , the news feeds give us an instantly gratifying way to control our image, that we can edit at will. We’re social creatures by nature, so when loneliness strikes we attempt to mitigate those feelings by seeking feedback – we telephone people “just to say hello”, but actually it’s to get them to ask us if we’re OK and to hear them say they love us. The same is true of status updates – we get instant replies and we can see how many people are on our wavelength. The complete story is here.


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