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Do Public Service Adverts Need To Shock?

Are charities being provocative on purpose, or are the issues they cover just too close to the bone, asks The Guardian. In the UK ads for charity are the ones that are mostly reported against by viewers and people groups. Charities like Barnardo’s, Greenpeace and PETA are always walking the thin line between what is acceptable and what is sensational. This ad from Barnardo’s where a girl is hit repeatedly in the head had over 800 complaints against it. According to a report from Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), it is perhaps the charitable one that turns most readily to the use of shock tactics in advertising”. This old Bernardo’s ad in which a cockroach comes out of a baby’s mouth was banned by ASA. “Unless you come up with something people won’t notice, there will always be those who prefer not to hear about it,” says Bernardo’s Diana Tickell. Peta’s spokeswoman, Poorva Joshipura says that the charity doesn’t have the advertising budgets of the big businesses it lobbies against. Getting noticed sometimes means walking close to the line. Read the story in Guardian.


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