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Online Video, Understanding The Asian Way

While a lot has been written about how people in the west watch stuff online, little had been known about the habits of the Asian viewer. Research agency Tomorrow recently completed a research report for the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia on the current state of online video in the Asian region. The findings, specially from China, Japan and Korea are interesting and eye opening: 1 The Internet has become a primary entertainment destination. For young Asian consumers, the Internet is entertainment – particularly in China. 2 Social discovery drives the popularity of content. 3 Long form professional content is the most popular format. Although the West is just getting a taste of long form video on the web, in Asia it has been the most popular format for a while. 4. Audiences actively participate in content experiences. 5. Consumption is communal. Asian teenagers enjoy being online together. 6. User anonymity is important. One of the major differences between Western and Eastern online users is the importance of privacy and anonymity. 7. Local brands dominate the online video landscape. For both cultural and technical reasons, local video sharing sites in Asia have generally been more successful than foreign players such as YouTube. In Japan, Nico Nico Douga is very popular, in Korea the dominant site is PandoraTV while in China, the top two sites are Youku and Todou. Here is a presentation that sums up the study. And a link to a presentation that sums up the survey.


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