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Subservient Chicken redux

Last week marked the 5th anniversary of Subservient Chicken.Yes it has an entry on Wikipedia too! One the most important digital marketing cases ever. And the good folks at The Barbarian Group, the creators of the classic take us down memory lane explaining what really happened. Like most digital ideas that we get to work on, even today, Subservient Chicken too apparently was a last minute idea that came long after the TVC was shot and ready to air. The original chicken idea came from Crispin and the Barbarian team just found an interesting way to bring it alive online. Despite all that the idea achieved in just the first 48 hours and of course the succeeding 5 years, it had to endure server crashes, attempts to hack the site and expose its innards and a whole lot more. Please spend the next half hour reading through this wonderfully long post on how the idea was conceived, sold, executed and more. It provides great learning for advertising professionals who think they are not tech savvy or digitally disabled.


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