Alternative marketing thinking


Pink Slip Marketing

The season of recession and job losses has kept marketers busy. Hyundai cars in the US was the first off the block with their assurance program launched early in January, where the company promised to take the car back in case the person who bought the car on a loan lost his job. The much lauded program helped the company sell more cars and according to this story, not a single car has been returned because the owner lost his job. Saturn cars is taking potshots at the Hyundai program with an initiative of their own, where they don’t take the car back, but pay up the loan for nine months, if the purchaser were to lose his job. There are other innovative ones that have caught our eye. Like the new one from Virgin Mobile. Where, a subscriber gets a three month break if he or she is laid off. The insurance industry is never too far when it comes to new ideas, and even they have lined up some interesting ones, like this loan protection plan for people who are vulnerable and could lose their jobs. Going beyond protection, ad agencies have been throwing pink slip parties (not a new idea apparently, the first ones happened in early 20th century) for people who have lost their jobs. The hope is that these networking sessions could help the unfortunate ones link up and find avenues for employment.


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