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Will Banks Be Better Off As Mutual Funds?

Many new theories have been floated around by experts to help rethinking in the banking industry. Like this one by UCLA economics professors Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Edward Leamer in Forbes, where they propose Limited Purpose Banking (LPB), which would transform all financial corporations, including insurance companies and hedge funds, into mutual funds.  Under this system, banks would never fail for a simple reason. They’d never hold any financial assets and they’d never borrow except to finance their mutual fund operations. Instead, they’d be limited to their legitimate purpose–financial intermediation. Under LPB, people, not companies, bear risk as their mutual funds do well or poorly.  A new Federal Financial Authority (FFA)–would rate, verify, supervise custody, disclose and clear all securities purchased, held and sold by LPB mutual funds. Banks would initiate personal and business loans (including mortgages), send them to the FFA for processing and then sell them to mutual funds, including their own. Loans would activate when sold, so no bank would ever have an open position.
There are some interesting thoughts in there, worth a read.


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