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Beyond The Website

If you are a brand planning to build a website to support a campaign or otherwise, you may like to look at this bit from AdAge. From destination web to online enlightenment. Unlike in the past where people were flocking brand websites for information and other details, new trends show that people are picking up this information from other sources online. In March, the average American visited 111 domains and 2,500 web pages, according to Nielsen Online. What’s worse, our attention across these pages is highly fragmented. The average time spent per page is a mere 56 seconds. Portals and search engines dominate, capturing about 12 of the 75 hours spent online in March. However, people-powered sites such as Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube are not far behind, snagging nearly 4.5 hours of our monthly attention. We are far more likely to take action when reading online articles that include brand information (51%) compared with search-engine advertising (39%) or banner ads (25%). Read the story in AdAge.


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