Alternative marketing thinking


Dell Swarm

Long known as a distribution innovator, Dell is once again rolling out a new service which allows online users to act as a purchase cooperative. When enough users commit to buying a computer together (say 15 users), they get the bulk price. The price incentive will spur more sales, and the social aspect of the virtual coop will be a multiplier. It’s an idea that has been tossed around since the beginning of the Internet, and there have been a few attempts to see it through, most notably with MobShop and Paul Allen funded Mercata, but none of them could survive through the dot com days. In fact one of the reasons why Mobshop failed, it’s customers being too diverse could be the reason why Dell Swarm could work. With choices limited to its own products, Dell could have hit upon an idea that takes its distribution innovation to the next level. Dell Swarm opened its doors in Singapore, its first market, last week.


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