Alternative marketing thinking


Reclaiming Public Spaces

With more and more of our public spaces being inundated with Urban Spam, there have been many attempts to reclaim these places. Sao Paulo did it with legislation that banned billboards. In many places though citizens are taking up cudgels on behalf of the city. Graffiti Research Lab has been running many events where they superimpose slideshows on billboards at night. Anti advertising Agency has been working hard to bring sanity to the streets by identifying and talking about stuff that shouldn’t be there. Google CD and former advertising professional Ji Lee started The Bubble Project many years ago to give people the power to participate in the conversation with advertising in cities. Now there is Public Ad Campaign, a guerilla art project, that is a civil disobedience movement against public spaces being taken up for advertising. Many cities are seeing more and more onground advertising that is taking advantage of the downturn to turn many unused advertising spaces, like shuttered storefronts being converted into advertising spaces. Read more on the Public Ad Campaign blog.


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