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See The Ads You Want To See

If you are a Firefox user you must have heard of AdBlock Plus. An add-on that blocks out banner ads on the sites you visit. Now if you think you have figured out a way to filter out banner ads you will be surprised to know that Ad Block Plus is the most downloaded add-on on Firefox with some 700,000 downloads a week. So there is a real movement from people wanting to take control of their browsing experience. But there is a debate raging, most notably one started by Wladimir Palant the creator of the add-on. He recently wrote about his proposal for a fair adblocking approach one where the user has the option of unblocking ads from some sites he visits often. Slate joined in the debate with a well thought out approach that tells advertisers to create less intrusive and more sharply targeted advertising that deliver real benefits to people who access sites. Read the story in Slate.


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