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Nissan Goes Social

Cool cars need cool ideas. So it’s only natural to see Nissan Cube, positioned as a mobile device, launch a slew of activities to enhance its coolness factor. Cube-themed iPhone apps, games, videos and ringtones to prove just how hip it is. Nissan is hoping that the mobile site will convince potential buyers that the slab-sided subcompact is just as essential to the mobile lifestyle as text messages, Twitter and Facebook. From Wired. Here is the Nissan Canada site where they just concluded a customer generated contest. And some entries as found on Flickr.


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One thought on “Nissan Goes Social

  1. Great example of digital media and social media being used to help create company BUZZ. A couple of things I wrote on a recent blog regarding financial brand and buzz marketing using digital media / social media applies to your posting “Nissan Goes Social.”

    It is surprising that Nissan and other publicly traded Global 2000 companies, less than 1% – 2% of overall marketing spend is actually allocated towards Investor Relations. Not spending more to measure, improve and maximize the FINANCIAL BRAND is both perplexing and eye opening to me given the volatility of a companies balance sheet, stock price, market capitalization, shareholder perception and international investor sentiment.

    When was the last time Nissan’s CEO, Head of Marketing, Head of Investor Relations or Product Manager stood in front of an audience of customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and competitors to establish both a personal brand and company brand that brought positive sentiment and positive results to that firms FINANCIAL BRAND?

    Thanks, Michael Goldman, MZG Information Technology

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