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Do You Lead A Tribe?

Any of you who got to read Seth Godin’s recent book Tribe will attest. The world is looking for people who can manage small groups of people, lead them, inform them about things that are happening in and around their world. So this story from the Organic Blog is timely. Yes you are a community manager. Anytime you create a Facebook account, linked up on Twitter or Linkedin, the story says, you are creating the opportunity to become a leader of a community. Like our iContract colleague Desmond Macedo did with his Underground Writers’ Blog a little over a year ago, and now has a nice little army of followers. The recent Pink Chaddi campaign was a good example of a tribe that was created off the cuff and came together for a cause and dispersed once the mission was accomplished. As media fragmentation continues and it becomes difficult for brands to talk to large masses, there will be a need for people to help manage groups and communities. With groups forming on networks like Twitter, specially, where brands have been forced to act to the needs of small groups of people. Dell even has an outlet on Twitter with some 600,000 followers Do you have it in you to lead a tribe? Here are the stories from the Organic blog. One, Two


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