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Advertising. Not About Telling, About Doing…

More and more brands are realizing that advertising is more about doing, not just telling. With social media and all sorts of stuff, it is becoming easy to show what companies mean, when they tell. One of the most simple examples of what brands could do was demonstrated by Blendtech, with their Will it Blend series . Now while that was a fun way to demonstrate, Creativity Unbound tells the story of Dancing Deer Bakery. In support of the bakery’s favorite cause – ending homelessness — Head Deer Trish Karter recently cycled 1500 miles in 15 days, from Atlanta to Boston, stopping at shelters each evening, bearing gifts of ginger bread houses and icing, visiting with families less fortunate than herself, then sleeping at the shelter or in an RV in the parking lot before riding another 100 miles the next day. While an entrepreneurial company like Dancing Deer could show what it wants to tell, how many companies have people who are willing to get on and do stuff? When people join a company for a few years, hoping to make the job a launch pad for another one, it is possible get so deeply involved ? Read more and respond on Creativity Unbound.


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