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Learning and profiting from online relationships

What is all this friending on social networks really worth? Brands and marketers are trying to find out, according to this story from Businessweek. Finding that if our friends buy something, there’s a better-than-average chance we’ll buy it, too. It’s a simple insight but one that could lead to targeted messaging in an age of growing media clutter. Another research is focusing on how employees who forged tighter e-mail connections with their boss brought in on average $588 more in monthly revenue. Another research found that if someone clicked on an online ad, the people on his or her instant chat buddy list, when served the same ad, were three to four times more likely than average to click on it. As all of networked humanity mingles in this vast marketplace, trading information, creating alliances, doing favors, we may not think of our connections in such mercantile terms, but for business and individuals alike, the value in online friendship is poised to grow. From Businessweek.


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