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Social Media Works For Gillette

One of the rare examples that we have covered of a mass marketing case from India. Picked up from Watblog, To Shave Or Not To Shave is the story of how P&G used social media to increase awareness, improve trials and finally enhance sales of the Gillette Mach3 Razor. According to a presentation given by Lucas Watson, global team leader for Procter & Gamble’s digital business strategy at the The CM Summit in New York, the Cincinnati-based firm used a “mix of paid media, earned media and social elements all working together” to grow sales. While there is a small story on WARC on the campaign, the campaign website itself has very little to showcase its stunning success. According to this story on CMD Global, the campaign started off a nationwide debate on the merits of shaving or not, setting all-time sales records with a dramatic sales increase of 38%.  Awareness doubled. Trials increased by 400% and Gillette’s market share increased by 35%. The campaign went on to win an award for branding bravery at the Media Awards in Valencia. See the case study here.


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