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Curated Perception

Traditional brand marketing is an effort to build perception around a desired business outcome (usually shareholder value). But the audience isn’t that interested in whether or not you make your numbers this quarter. In fact, every dollar spent on creating perception is a dollar that could have been spent improving the lives of your customers. Curated perception has long been a free-for-all land grab aimed squarely at focusing the attention of a market. Because information is now instantly and freely shared, those brands with the largest gaps between fabricated perception (traditional marketing) and the authentic character of their actions (products, services, human interactions) will be the quickest to sputter and implode. This is true no matter what new platforms are employed to manipulate awareness, or what tools we use to examine them. Brand experience is an illusion, human experience is real. The problem is not perception, but rather the consequences of human behavior. The solution is found not through trying to change perception, but through creating more constructive human interactions and positive, authentic experiences. Jason Sack writing on the Zeus Jones blog

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One thought on “Curated Perception

  1. Fantastically articulated. Found your post as a related post to mine, . I have written about perceptions and how they can be removed from the reference point of the growing wine market in India.

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