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Agency Of The Future

Interesting post on the Marketing Hitch blog. A conversation with FutureLab founder Alain Thys, where he talks about the ideal agency of the future I think the industry will evolve to resemble the movie or construction industry. A large number of micro-specialists. Forget about the PR agency or the digital agency. Think about the Agency specialized in leveraging short message social media for spreading positive customer experiences in the banking sector. Just like the guy who knows how to set up a particular type of solar panel which is government subsidized, they will be contracted on a project basis. They can be creative, they can be production oriented, it all depends A medium number of project management shops. These probably best resemble the agency of today, be it without the in-house creative and possibly even production deparments. They take the briefing of a client and ensure that the variety of micro-specialist implement this to excellence levels. This may include creative, but mainly in a sourcing capacity (the role of art director in these environments is to ensure that the creative that is sourced meets the client need, not “come up with new stuff” inhouse). Just like movie houses these project management shops may have privileged relationships with micro-specialists & creatives to provide them with a competitive edge. A small number of strategy shops: These will be the “architects” of the trade. They will be a lot smaller than the project management shops and assist brands to formulate their strategy in a way that project management shops can implement it. They are much more “numbers” based than most agencies of today and in style probably are more comparable to the McKinsey’s and the Bain’s than the McCann’s or Ogilvy’s. Read the interview here


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