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The Future of Media series by Mediapost and Advertising Week is getting CPB’s Alex Bogusky to blog. He has an interesting approach to writing posts. Starts his of a typical rant via Twitter and gets people to respond. With over 11,000 people following him, he has quite an audience. Once this audience chimes back, he picks up the bits and writes a post. Recent posts include a rant against the growing tendency for companies to crowdsource their logos for cheap. Another interesting one, on the topic of being an expert in today’s world, specially in the area of social media. A social media expert, Bogusky thinks, is an oxymoron of sorts. Because the social media media scene is so dynamic, anyone who has legacy expertise in the field should already be a “has been” and not relevant anymore. In another post he questions the classic “medium is the message” paradigm and how in today’s world, where we can custom create messages for different kinds of media, the line between medium and messages is more often then not blurred. The blog gets a fair bit of comment, each one of which in some ways nourish the ideas he propounds. Worth a look


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