Alternative marketing thinking


A Twitter Taskforce

Imagine an army of volunteers on Twitter ready to help your customers if they have a questions. BestBuy just set that up… BestBuy Twelpforce, involving over 1000 BestBuy employees who have come together under the hash-tag #twelpforce, their messages will automatically show up under the twelpforce handle with a credit to their proper Twitter account. Staffed by Best Buy employees from across all operations, including BlueShirts and Geek Squad, Twelpforce will answer product questions, troubleshoot technology challenges and solve customer service issues. Visit the Twelpforce page on Best buy here. The Twitter account is here. TV Spots that introduces the effort here. Corporations are still finding ways to engage in the conversation with people. While the effort is commendable, what will be interesting to note is if a noble effort of genuinely trying to help and provide advice to people in need will end up in a cacophony of voices that confuse, as much as they communicate. Some 7000 followers have already been seen, so maybe there is some genuine advice going.


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