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Viral Marketing. Does Uk Get It Better?

Interesting post on AdAge Digital on why some of the best viral marketing efforts that we have seen in the recent past have all come from the UK? What is it in the water that makes advertising from this part of the world so good to pass on? Cadbury’s Eyebrow Dance, T Mobile Dance, Samsung’s LED Sheep, Evian’s Rollerbabies, and of-course the ones that started the trend, Sony Balls and Cadbury Gorilla. Are all of them good cases of viral seeding? The act of posting videos in such a way that they are seen and passed around? Some of the early exponents of viral seeding are also companies based in the UK. As Unruly Media’s Scott Button says about content that goes viral; "You can buy your way into 1 or 2 million views, but beyond that you need content with an emotional power to connect with the end user. The afterlife is only as good as the content will permit." Also, it’s been generally held within the creative community that British advertisers tend to be edgier and more eager to push envelopes than their American counterparts. Don’t agree? Click here to leave a response on AdAge Digital


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