Alternative marketing thinking


From Agency To Agents Of Change.

Profero’s  Wayne Arnold writes in AdAge : Today, as the CEOs of large companies wonder how to grow their businesses, where do they turn for ideas? Not to advertising agencies but to management consultancies and the consulting arms of big accountancy firms. So how come we ideas people fell out of favour? He suggests: Being an agent of change means looking at "business issues." So for me, the real starting point of a campaign is not the client brief but the company report, because in those first few pages is every brief you’re going to need for the next three to five years. He believes that the most profound change that business are facing today is the emergence of digital and that agencies could do well in changing their model of operation. Digital, he writes, impacts everything, from sales and marketing to distribution to customer service, and I believe it’s the biggest single lever agencies can use to create business changing ideas and regain credibility as creative business partners. Read it all here Do scroll down into the comments to the story.


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