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Game Breaking Vs Game Changing. Is Jeff Goodby Right Or Bob Garfield?

Many of you readers of this newsletter are acquainted with AdAge editor’s take on how the advertising industry is on the verge of bottoming out. What digital and connected markets have done to many industries is playing out in the advertising business too. His new book by the same name is out now. Rather than being caught up in this whirlwind, Jeff Goodby has a few calming words for the industry. “There is simply too much money and corporate energy devoted to this cause for those budgets and hopes to disappear overnight. And Jeff knows what he is talking about. He has been at the helm of changing one of the world’s most creative “traditional agencies” and making it a truly new age company. By retrenching and retraining the entire staff at Goodby and reimagining the vision of the agency, the agency won the digital agency of the year at Cannes and at One Show Interactive in 2009. So while Bob Garfield has been painting a grim picture of what the future holds for the advertising business, Goodby and Co. have been showing us how we can survive and be even better. More on Creativity Unbound blog

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