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Simple Sells

Simple is better. This could be the most powerful message for 2010, according to many experts. Companies that offer products with the fewest number of ingredients compared with rivals stand to win big in 2010, says Lynn Dornblaser, trends guru at Mintel. Mintel has tracked decreases this year in the average number of ingredients in 19 product categories including dairy products, processed meats and even pet foods. The new marketing code word being used to boast about fewer ingredients: simple. From 2005 to 2008, there’s been a 64.7% increase in new products using the words “simple” or “simply” in the product or brand name, reports researcher Datamonitor. In 2010, products that tout simplified labels will be more sought after than those clinging to the formerly hot buzzwords “organic” or “natural,” says Dornblaser. For instance Häagen-Dazs has launched an ice cream line this year dubbed and marketed as simply Five for its five ingredients — milk, cream, sugar, eggs and one natural flavor, such as mint. Also this summer, Starbucks rejiggered its entire food menu primarily with an eye toward simplifying the items’ ingredients. Beech-Nut touts “No Junk” on its new Let’s Grow line of toddler foods. More in USA Today > Also head out to look up John Maeda’s book, Laws of Simplicity.


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