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Depression in the age of tech excess

“The Age of Melancholy’ is how psychologist Daniel Goleman describes our era. People today experience more depression than previous generations, despite the technological wonders that help us every day. Are we being served by these technological wonders or have we become enslaved by them? Asks this story in New Scientist. We need ways to help recover those increasingly large parts of our lives that we have ceded to technology, to regain mastery over technology and learn to use it in a healthy and positive way. So is there a way out? Apparently there is. Via the Theory of Self Determination. By having a feeling of autonomy in what we do, by having a sense of competence in what is being done and finding a way to ensure relatedness: our need to feel closer to other people, we should be able to break out of the cycle of depression that the world of today has brought to our door. Read more here.


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