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The New Creative Team

Great little post on the Cup of Java blog that looks into the kinds of creative teams that ad agencies of the future will have. From concept to execution, there needs to be a open communication channel between Creative, User Experience, Technology and Media. Each group, writes Caffeine Goddess author of the blog, plays a vital part in how the work comes together. In a day and age when new information is breaking by the minute, it’s hard for one group in the new team to keep abreast even of the topics in their “domain” (read: time), let alone other areas of focus on top of that. Now, I’m not saying that Creative should not be looking out for cool tech and media or anything like that. But, it’s those who do keep up with the latest and greatest in their field of expertise that can really help you push a seedling of an idea into a full-fledged blossoming plant. This is why building the right teams is so vital. Each role is important to the other and therefore, keeping an open communication channel to share ideas, thinking and information is the best way to have a team that produces the best work possible. Read more on Cup of Java.


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