Alternative marketing thinking


Sharing. The new competitive advantage.

Writes Edward Boches in AdWeek. The idea that if we give away some of our thinking it might help our reputation, establish our authority and, more importantly, introduce us to others who, by returning the favor, make us smarter and more effective is gaining ground. As media, technology and attitudes continue to change, we have to become learning organizations in addition to creative businesses. No one knows all the answers or even the questions. We can’t predict what will be the next big thing. We can’t be sure that what’s hot today will be here tomorrow. We don’t even know how to make a digital video go viral without luck and serendipity. And he sums it up beautifully: a bunch of smart people, willing to work together beyond the walls of their own agencies to create (or at least try) something new. We have no idea where this might lead, but it’s worth finding out. More here.


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