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Social media could make many professions obsolete

“We are in an equivalent period to when the printing presses and the calligraphers co-existed,” he argued. “But there can be no doubt as to which way the wind is blowing” says Tony Bresford at a meeting on social media experts in the UK. WARC sums up the conferences and points out changes the world could expect with the explosion of social media and tools that help people easily share and collaborate. Sites like Digg, which aggregate news stories from many different sources, would “take over” the role traditionally performed by human editors. Experts feel that even sites like Facebook, through which users can keep up-to-date on information ranging from their friends’ status updates to brand innovations, was described as becoming the equivalent of “a daily newspaper” for its members. Even for brands such changes are a challenge. Like Eurostar and Toyota suffered recently due to issues with their service and products. “The speed of these channels is making and breaking brands,” Paul Charles of PR firm Lewis said. “We trust individuals and not companies.” More in WARC.


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