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Agencies enter a race for relevance. Forrester.

Forrester tries to uncover the role of agencies in the new marketing landscape and comes up with some answers. And they want marketers to take the lead. It’s your fault if your shops flounder, writes AdAge, summing up the report. Forrester calls the new age of marketing the “Adaptive Marketing era” and it requires marketers to take a more flexible and ‘always on’ approach to marketing due to the two-way communication that is now visible between consumers and companies. We need to move from outbound messages to a more holistic 360-degree approach, from campaigns to experiences, from audiences to individuals. Forrester identified three fundamental services that agencies provide: Ideas, Interaction and Intelligence. Sean Corcoran, the analyst behind the report asks marketers to take charge of their social media strategy since it is about creating direct conversations with consumers, with agencies playing a supporting role helping develop strategy, identify influentials, build out communities and infrastructure and help with analytics (to name a few). Edward Boches has a nice analysis of the report on Creativity Unbound. More on the report on the Forrester blog.


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