Alternative marketing thinking


Imagining the next generation CRM

There is a lot of talk about how CRM needs to change in a changing world. Michael Maher writing in DM News talks around the problem. Many CRM programs consist only of outbound e-mail or direct mail, he writes, despite consumers becoming increasingly engaged with new digital channels. For instance, “I never check my e-mail,” says my teenage daughter. Instead, we should fully exploit opportunities through digital tools – IM, widgets, etc. – mobile and social media to build concurrent elements that maximize effectiveness. He offers a seven point plan to change the way we administer CRM. Think CMR. The term “customer managed relationships (CMR)” recognizes that consumers exercise more control of marketing interactions. Detach and distribute. Maximize interaction with your brand by providing portable content, tools and experiences that travel with consumers wherever they go. Use marketing as a service. Deliver marketing content that consumers see as providing real value and relevance. Be social. Create community areas on your site and on social destinations, such as Facebook, where your target consumer congregates to facilitate sharing. Measure more than one-to-one. To quantify CRM’s incremental value, compare sales of a control group of customers that don’t receive your program with those who do. Go beyond consumers. Expand CRM to incorporate key constituencies – employees, distributors, retailers and other gatekeepers. Identify advocacy potential. Identify your database’s most valuable and loyal customers and treat like VIPs. More on DM News. Also of interest, Have apps replaced txt campaigns?


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