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The secret of successful virals

Vrial Blog asks if it is luck, or authenticity that makes a viral successful. Reposting a story from the Washing Post about a real estate salesman turned viral guru, David DeVore, who hit the viral goldmine after his video, David after the dentist, the woozy story of his seven year old son who is suffering the after effects of some anesthetics. The video has got over 56 million views, and is growing by some 100,000 new views every day. The success of the video has been so great that David is now a full time social media enthusiast who makes a six-figure income based on the video. While David’s story has been a purely one-off, what of YouTubers who painstakingly craft thousands of “funny” videos, hours of footage designed to launch their Internet stardom. These people would hate DeVore. He tripped over fame with the first video he posted. More in Washington Post.


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