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Tapping into the app revolution

The Apple app revolution rolls on. And the Financial Times UK throws its weight behind it with this timely story. Seldom, writes FT has a quirky cottage industry moved into the computing mainstream, or become such a cultural phenomenon, so fast. “The app is the new 99-cent single – for kids, it’s the new currency,” says Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora, maker of a US music app that has been downloaded on to 13m iPhones. Silicon Valley financier John Doerr, one of the prominent investors behind the 1990s dotcom boom, says that with the launch of the iPad, “the third revolution in software” is at hand. The days when computer users spent their lives slogging over spreadsheets and surfing between static web pages are drawing to a close, he says: the future will be a series of apps, each purpose-designed for a particular task, and far more intuitive to use. With touch as the new user interface, that desire to interact is heightened. Old ways of consuming content online, like reading a page, watching a video or clicking on hyperlinks, can start to feel stale. It is not clear yet how deeply apps will change the experience of computing. But in the history of human interaction with computers, pieces of software that are stirred to life with the tap of an index finger, or manipulated with a stroke, already seem guaranteed a prominent mention. Read more in the FT. And watch Steve Jobs launch the iAd platform.


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