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Brand building in the age of the web

Millward Brown’s Nigel Hollis posts an interesting POV. How it is going to get increasingly difficult for companies to build new brands in an age of proliferating devices. He draws from various sources and points us to how it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to give their attention to quality content in the sea of twitter updates and youtube videos. It’s a nightmare scenario for brands, he writes, unless you have already established what your brand stands for. If you have, then the new web is great. Your brand is an instant shortcut to meaning, a key which unlocks a wealth of positive ideas and impressions. But if you have a new brand, then forget the web when it comes to establishing what your brand stands for. Even if you can put your news in front of people, no one will pay attention. Because it lacks significance, your brand name will not be noticed, and no one will seek you out. It’s back to the future, and a long, hard, and expensive slog to build your brand through traditional media and experiential marketing. Read the full post, Build your brands before it is too late.


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