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Lost generation of brand managers

In a remarkable interview to Dutch Magazine Emerce, the outgoing CMO of Unilever Simon Clift warned of a “lost generation” of brand managers who do not understand the web and social networks. “There is a lost generation of marketers. If you are 25 or 20, you know this stuff – you are brought up with Facebook and YouTube. If you are 50, you see your kids do it. Most of our brands are managed by people who have had to learn it. The people who have most needed it are the people aged between 30 and 45, running global brands because they grew up after it and haven’t seen their kids doing it”. The agencies that work for Unilever, creating and planning its campaigns, are also involved in this “really rapid catch-up”, Clift said. “We built our business on brilliant use of television. You can’t immediately change your competence.” Read a take out from his interview on the Viral Blog.


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