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Who is entering your store?

For many companies the phone is a simple replacement of a wallet stuffed with loyalty cards. Added with the benefit of the wallet knowing exactly where a member is. With Foursquare and other location based services, retailers can track when customers actually enter their stores. Such data can be used to learn things about store traffic, such as when men visit versus women. And it’s easier to note when the most loyal customers visit. A few months ago, Foursquare introduced a free analytics tool that lets businesses see who is checking into their locations. It lists data like the total number of check-ins, the male-to-female ratio, the top days and times Foursquare visitors come, and the top visitors. There’s a lot more that companies with loyalty programs can do when more and more people start broadcasting where they are. And since customers are voluntarily making their locations known, issues like privacy many not be much of a problem. Read more.


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