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Writing an inspiring brief

Interesting post on Richard Huntington’s Adliterate blog. Where he clearly outlines the need for clients to think and articulate a sharp and inspiring brief. The famous sculptor Eric Gill, once said “first I think my think, then I draw my think”, we should all think our think first and only then write our think. Advertising agencies are problem solving companies, he writes, albeit that they solve commercial problems by applying creativity to the task. Nothing gets an agency’s rocks off more than a juicy problem. He goes on, tell us how you believe communications can be used to crack that problem and exactly who needs to be affected by the work. Poorly articulated or ambiguous target audiences are the bug-bear of the agency particularly the use of primary and secondary audiences. And we are far more interested in a factual definition of the audience than fabricated pen portraits or quirky segment descriptions. He urges clients to take pride in their briefs, as briefs are an important stepping-stone and the critical moment when responsibility for solving the problem moves from client to agency. You should love the brief that you have written. A must read.


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