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Better emails in three simple steps

While emails have become a great way to market to people, most marketers struggle to use this cost-effective medium right. Danny Flamberg, writing on the DM News Blog lays out three simple ways to better emails. Dissect the decision-process. Every product or service has a definable process flow. Understand how your customers buy and where the inflection or hesitation points exist. Plan your e-mail nurturing to anticipate these points. Leverage timing, parse information or make specific offers to proactively drive the process forward. Isolate key variables. Every sale rests on a finite number of variables. Price and financing are always key considerations as are services, value-adds and the quality of the relationship. Use e-mail to influence the favorable perception of these critical variables. Factor in frequency of messaging, tone, manner and voice. Link the messages credibly to the individuals directly involved in closing the sale and ask for feedback. Optimize for e-mail scanning. Given that everyone scans e-mail, the big idea or the dominant offer ought to be set apart in bold type for emphasis. Bullets, lists, short sentences and white space help buyers get the point quickly. Don’t get prissy about branding. Logos and graphics are a secondary concern; they add little connective firepower and often impede efficient e-mail delivery. Read more here.


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