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A video directed by Krner Union that uses a simple mirror arrangement to transforms the casual movements of birds and mice into a beautiful display of synchronized actions. Watch the video.



A very interesting graphic representation of the germination cycle of a seed. It shows how the seed travels on various carriers across air, water and land to finally grow into a new plant. Watch the video.

Art From ATM Receipts

JWT Sydney has teamed up with HSBC to develop tiny origami art from ATM receipts. The designs are printed on the back of the receipts, which when folded create cute characters. At a time when brands are doing anything to get a bit of free buzz, origami art is sure to make the artistically inclined take a second look. See the board here…

Power Point As A Strategic Design Tool

Is poor quality power point presentation making your work less impressive. Take help from Alex Osterwalder. His timely little presentation on Good Power Point is simple and interesting. Alex believes that he can attribute most of his success to the time and effort he puts into his presentations. Learn from the PHD in PPT. Check out his presentation on designing better presentations. Also of interest, making presentation with the brain in mind, excerpts from the book Brain Rules.

Design For Money

Some banks look at the most unconventional ways to satisfy their consumers. Wells Fargo roped in Pentagram to design a new User Interface for all its ATMs. Straying away from the usual screen that aligned task buttons only on the left and the right, this new UI saw the entire screen being used up with new visually simplified buttons. The new ATMs have two main features that got everyone raving about them. First, the fact that customers could deposit a stack of checks without sealing them in envelopes made processing time shorter and lowered costs. Up to 30 checks can be inserted at one time, and all checks will be scanned individually and be updated with status. In case the scanning identifies an error in a certain check, the customer is asked to fill in the missing amount. All steps can be reviewed with the history button that allows for a look at the previous steps. The second outstanding feature is an upgrade of the existing Quick Cash button. This feature has been allowing Wells Fargo customers to withdraw an often used amount in one single step, instead of going through a multi-step procedure. Designer Holger Struppek, part of the design team that worked on this in Pentagram talks more about the new ATMs here.

Money Museum

The history of the world can be seen in the way currency has been designed. Some bank notes can tell tales of days gone by. Others educate people of the success achieved by a nation. Of their great leaders, scientists and more. So it is important that Germany’s Hypovereinsbank’s Banknote Collecting Foundation, G&D will be opening the doors of its banknote museum to the public for the first time. On display are some of the world’s rarest currency notes. 1,000 cash note from the Chinese Ming Dynasty from the time of the Great War of 1368-1398; one of the oldest banknotes in the world. The world’s rarest banknote: the only existing 100-mark note dated 1914 from the former colony of German New Guinea. More from the Hypovereinsbank’s press release.

Ashes and Snow

Visually, aesthetically and ideologically brilliant; Gregory Colbert gave the world Ashes and Snow – his epic work. His collection capturing the symbiotic relationship that once existed between human beings and the animal kingdom. He uses this film to introduce the Animal Rights Foundation, where advertisers are encouraged to pay 1% of the total media buy for all ad campaigns that use animals.

Ice Ice Cabby

Volkswagen got The Ice Box to make a life size ice sculpture of their Polo Twist model and parked it outside the Saatchi gallery in Belvedere. Coming chilled with free air conditioning, the Polo Twist enjoyed the surprise and sudden interest factors that come with innovative advertising.

Cardboard Charity

Using cardboard, the primary source of shelter and warmth to millions of homeless urban people, artists create art to help get the underprivileged off the streets. Read more.

Art Of Money

Justine Smith is an artist with a unique talent. She plays with money to create her art. A well known collage artist, Justine recently moved to making art using the banknote and knife. Her work as an exploration of our relationship with money and our response to it, in a political, moral and social sense, while exploiting the physical beauty of the note. For the artist, a banknote is not only an abstract representation of our labour, but the imagery depicted on it also symbolises the ideas and ideals of a given country’s culture and the society that its people live in. ‘Money Map of the World’ compounds many of Smith’s ideas relating to money. This piece of work took seven months to produce and is made up of banknotes from every country in the world. Smith’s series of flowering plant sculptures and gun sculptures investigate the ideas of extinction, corruption and the impact of power and money on an individual. Discover more here.

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