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How Corporate America Is Co-Opting The Social Web

Former Forrester analyst and social media entrepreneur Peter Kim has been tracking the social media efforts of American corporate. Here he lists out, what is turning out to be one of the most comprehensive lists of new media initiatives by companies. For those interested in Social Media, the list is worth spending a weekend on.


Microsoft Goes Crispin. Nike Runs Away.

CPB recently won the Microsoft account. And the biggest challenge that the agency is facing is to convert a bunch of Mac heads to start seeing the genius that’s Microsoft. “Crispin sort of exists because of the revolution in desktop publishing that the Mac brought about. You could be a small shop and compete against Madison Avenue for the first time because all the tools were in your computer.”, Alex Bogusky in Fast Company. So how will the iconic agency help Microsoft be seen as cool? Read this story . Meanwhile Nike and CPB decided to part ways from their association on the Nike + running account.

10 Years Of Blogging.

Today (Dec 17th), 10 years ago Jorn Barger of Robot Wisdom coined the term “weblog” to describe the daily list of links that “logged” his travels across the web. If you still have not started a blog, here is Barger’s top 10 tips for novice bloggers. It’s easier than you think.

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