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Flashing the new way

The Royal Middle eastern families have something new to rave about – a diamond encrusted credit card. GK power, a South Korean company has developed a luxury High End Mastercard, which embeds 1mm by 1.65mm diamonds into a silver rivet on a black high-gloss card. The Seoul based company has also produced a black and gold embossed card with embedded diamonds which, entitled the Royal Legend, is supplied only to royal Middle Eastern families through a contract with Dubai First Bank.


Keep up with Jones’

If there’s a category in the US that’s all but full up, it must be the share of throat business. The one dominated by the likes of Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade, even Starbucks and Aquafina. But if you are Peter Van Stolk, you have some other ideas. Jones Soda is the anti thesis of a brand. Eschewing the traditional in every way, it does little or no advertising. The distribution is all wonky (their specially created flavour for Valentines sold out weeks before the big day), it’s not available in supermarkets, but in skateboard stores, tattoo parlors and body piercing outlets. It lets customers create their own packaging at At last count there were over 400,000 different labels, featuring dogs, teddy bears and more on the site. Jones is one of the few anti-brands out there, preferring to let word of mouth do almost all of their marketing. They even have a MySpace page, set up way before the world realized how cool MySpace would become.

Novels go Mobile

Trust the Japanese to come up with this rage, books written for mobile phone screens on mobile phones. For up to $10 a download, these tiny books are flying off virtual shelves. Novels like What The Angel Gave Me have sold over a million copies. The Japanese novels run into 200 to 500 pages, and are attracting readers who have hardly ever read a novel before. With new software that will enable novelists to add pictures, sound and even vibration to these novels, could marketers be sniffing around for branding opportunities?


iPIFINI’s programmable cola bottles take customisation to new heights. Their programmable cola bottle come with buttons for lemon, lime, vanilla, and cherry flavors as well as a caffeine button that allows for 32 combinations of soda that the user can choose at the time of use. For marketers, they simplify manufacturing, distribution and sales by allowing a single container to replace a series of product varieties.

What a refreshing idea

A marketing student’s simple idea to produce little magazines that will get stuck under the removable label of a pop bottle is going into commercial production. Targeted at women, to start with, the idea is to bypass traditional distribution systems and economics, and piggyback on the far-more-sophisticated and far-reaching soft drink distribution infrastructure.

New Skin for a century-old brand

The Club Coca-Cola project in Cape Town aims to introduce a limited edition, contour shaped aluminium Coca-Cola Bottle. Inspired by “optimism”, the Club Coca-Cola bottle is evolving Coke’s traditional look into something more avant-garde.

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