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Choose Your Own Ads

LinkedIn has been getting a bit of buzz these days. After having opened up its platform for their party applications like Slideshare, LinkedIn has announced a self-service advertising that gives participants of the program the ability to choose and display the kind of ads they like. Read more on the LinkedIn blog.


How To Be A Good Advertising Professional

DigiCynic or Jerome Courtial is now a planner with WK Amsterdam. Recently he wrote a long post on what he thinks is needed to be successful advertising professional. His 12 point road map. Be curious, have integrity, become a good diplomat, love your job, be nice to people and meet a lot of them, be confident, become an expert, look for new creative opportunities, learn to collaborate, understand human nature, be a better presenter, and harness the power of stories. We couldn’t agree more. Read more.

Think Inside The Pizza Box

Dominos UK are running a promo that asks people to get creative with their pizza boxes in exchange for prizes. People are asked to submit a video of something they have created with their empty pizza box and encode the link on the Dominos UK site. In the US people who order Dominos can track their pizzas online, a service that’s accurate within 40 seconds.

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