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The Law That Made Renting, Used Book Sale And The Like Possible.

Hundred years ago the US Supreme Court passed a law, The First Sale Doctrine, that made it possible for owners of books or other copyrighted works have the right to dispose off them as they see fit (such as by reselling them, giving them away, or lending them out). More.


Orwell to Jobs – Inspiration flows on

From writing books like Animal Farm and 1984, George Orwell also has the credit of inspiring the greatest commercial of the last century. Orwell gives tips and lessons, some great truths to keeping mind before a writer starts doing what he does best.

Santa’s Secret

If you think Santa Claus is being misused by marketers these days, take a look at some of these vintage Christmas ads, from an era when smoking was still seen as cool. If a Smoking Santa was OK, guess who was the early votary of anti-smoking? Hint: He was one of history’s biggest mass murderers.

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